Tablet Commerce Evaluation of Top Online Retailers

by Deepak Sharma on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alexander Interactive, a leading New York-based e-commerce consultancy has released  a new report on Tablet-commerce which provides best practices for tablet-based UX design and t-commerce review of the ten largest retailers on the web.

The report goes into depth on how the top-selling sites on the internet (including Amazon, Staples, Apple, Dell, Wall Mart and Sears, among others) are adapting to a tablet-based future.  The analysis found that all of the top e-retailers suffered from usability problems and offered limited tablet shopping experiences in comparison to those retailers with dedicated tablet site experiences, such as Nike. Accordingly, the authors suggest that retailers seriously evaluate their investments for T-commerce web infrastructure, due to the explosion of tablet computer usage forecast in the coming years.

You can download the comprehensive report here.