Grocery Tweets

by Deepak Sharma on Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chris Brogan takes a look at grocery shelf products and their presence on Twitter and has some great advice.

Help! My Groceries Are Tweeting And They’re TERRIBLE!

  1. Don’t let your account die. Delete it, if you’ve abandoned the project.
  2. Make it about your audience.
  3. Engagement is not the same as bragging about yourself.
  4. The brands that act like humans get the most engagement.
  5. Spam people at your peril (the non-meat kind, Hormel. Simmer down).

There’s no reason to just throw up a Twitter account if you’re not going to make it about connecting on a different level than an ad campaign. There can’t possibly be enough clicks and activity to justify doing the job poorly. Perhaps it’s a matter of the advice you’ve been given. Maybe it’s just some checkbox on the systematized approach you’ve been told equals social engagement. That’s not how most folks will see it on the receiving end.