Mobile sites more favored over Apps

by Deepak Sharma on Monday, July 18, 2011

Big players in e-commerce have gotten the mobile message, study finds

The mobile message seems to be getting through to the heavy hitters in retail: Of 25 well-known brands and e-commerce sales leaders, all have mobile commerce sites, a new study finds. However, only 12% offer an iPhone or Android mobile app.

Features present on all 25 m-commerce sites or apps include product name, product description, price and the ability to complete a purchase, the study finds. From there content and features vary. 88% enable consumers to share product information via social media, 100% provide a store locator, but only 52% integrate GPS satellite technology within the locator. 88% allow consumers to set up an account, 80% enable customers to track orders after a purchase, 80% allow shoppers to create a wish list, 56% enable customers to access their loyalty program accounts, and 40% display estimated shipping charges before adding a product to a shopping cart.