50K Retail Pro Merchants can now instantly publish their product data to Facebook, Google & More--directly from their Point of Sale system

by Deepak Sharma on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Over 90% of consumers make purchase decisions based on online research. For retailers, surfacing their inventory in search, mobile and social is just as important as having a website. But this is quite challenging for merchants, since their product data is usually stuck in their point of sale system--with no easy way out. With a new partnership being announced between Retail Pro & Wishpond on Tue, 7/12, over 50,000 merchants will be able to instantly publish their product data online--with a few clicks and at a very low cost.
Retailers can install Wishpond's RetailConnect Import plugin (takes a few minutes). As soon as they do, the Point of Sale system will automatically "push" product inventory data to Wishpond and keep it synchronized with no additional effort. Retailers can use Wishpond's merchant center to view, manage and publish their inventory online to Facebook (as a Facebook Storefront), push it to Google Product Search or to mobile applications.

RetailConnect infographic

More information about Wishpond can be found here:
Web: http://www.wishpond.com
Video: http://youtu.be/UKP3-FIHtmU
RetailConnect Announcement: http://www.wishpond.com/retailconnect
RetailConnect Infographic: http://www.wishpond.com/images/rconnect/retailconnect_infographic.pdf
More information about Retail Pro can be found here:
Web: http://www.retailpro.com