Weis Markets deploys Retalix's Demand-Driven Replenishment solution

by Deepak Sharma on Monday, May 23, 2011

building_imageWeis Markets, a 164-store grocery chain based in Sunbury, Penn., plans to optimize its overall in-stock position and reduce excess inventory and out-of-stocks in its stores, using Retalix's Demand-Driven Replenishment solution.

Weis Markets to Reduce Out-of-Stocks, Optimize In-Stock Position With Retalix Solution

"We wanted a system that could provide demand-based forecasting and replenishment and assist us in optimizing our inventory. Retalix's Demand-Driven Replenishment solution was the ideal fit," said Bob Mawyer, vice president of information technology at Weis Markets. "In addition, we expect it to help us drive sales and improve our customer experience by reducing out-of-stocks, while making our operations more efficient and reducing overall costs."

Retalix's Demand-Driven Replenishment solution is part of the Retalix Merchandising Solution Suite. It is a demand forecasting and store replenishment system designed specifically for fast-moving consumer goods retailers, to optimize inventory management and positions, reduce out-of-stocks, streamline the order process, improve cashflow, and help retailers use resources more efficiently.

The Demand-Driven Replenishment solution is based on Microsoft technologies, and is comprised of four core modules: Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management, Order Optimization, and Analytics, and it contains advanced proprietary algorithms to interpret demand and optimize replenishment orders. Retailers using Demand-Driven Replenishment have reported significant out-of-stock reductions, decreased inventory levels and inventory costs, and lower spoilage of perishable products.