Nordstrom Interactive Window experience using Kinect

by Deepak Sharma on Monday, April 04, 2011

In a unique and first of it’s kind. Nordstrom flagship store in Seattle has put Microsoft Kinect in their windows and created an unique experience where people can come and write/paint with just the motion of their hands. Cool stuff.

Please DO Touch the Glass: Our Interactive Window

Our brilliant Interactive Development, Visual Merchandising and Operations Teams put their heads together and brought light writing with light to life. With the help of Kinect’s infrared technology and their technical genius, our teams created a seamlessly interactive display that anyone can “paint” on with using just the motion of their hands in front of the glass.

We’ve loved watching the curiosity and delight of people engaging with our windows. So, if you’re in the neighborhood now through April 11, be sure to drop by—and please do touch the glass.