Cloud Scenarios for Retailers

by Deepak Sharma on Monday, April 04, 2011

Retailers who are thinking of moving to Cloud computing should read the latest whitepaper from Microsoft, Driving Revenue and Innovation in Retail with Windows Azure. The Whitepaper provides solution scenarios along with workload patterns for these scenarios and examples from the industry.

Momentum is building around cloud scenarios applicable to retailing by enabling business agility at lower cost.  Microsoft has made a strong commitment to cloud computing to help retailers connect with consumers whenever and wherever they choose.  Windows Azure provides a platform and a set of services that can be used individually or together.  It is a flexible and interoperable platform that is use to build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based service-oriented capabilities.

There are business-enabling benefits for retail enterprises, including the ability to extend services related to products and retail offerings directly to consumers. The global reach that can be achieved will enable retailers to deliver products through vastly extended supply chains and product-sourcing approaches. A cloud computing strategy that is integrated with existing business plans will have the effect of reducing cost and increasing services to customers throughout the world.

Solution Scenario




Retail Demand Forecasting On/Off

Sales forecasting, based on raw POS data, delivered as
a service for mass scale.

Smart Client - Store System Broad usage

Full store system application which provides a rich user interface and offline capability.  Allows retailers to quickly deploy a store system solution with no
application software to manage on the client.

Bedin Systems

Supply Chain Trading Partner Collaboration

Broad usage

B2B e-commerce collaboration that enables visibility to electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions.  This system allows for insight into the trading partner


Consumer Promotions at
Internet Scale

Growing fast

Promotional engine built to accept request and deliver email coupon promotions to consumers.


Connecting Stores with
Distributed Collaboration


Microsoft cloud based productivity suite solution to connect distributed users in stores with the enterprise for collaboration features delivered as a service.

using Office

Scalable E-Commerce


On-premise application augmented with cloud computing for tremendous scale without the cost. 
Ease of application portability using Windows server interoperability features of Windows Azure.


Download Whitepaper.