Abercrombie PowerPoint

by Deepak Sharma on Friday, April 08, 2011

I love reading Footnoted and I knew I had to share this post, the moment I read it.

Lots of eye candy in Abercrombie PowerPoint…

We counted no fewer than 13 slides that featured shirtless dudes baring their pecs. That’s nearly 20% of the slides in the 67-slide deck. The PowerPoint was part of the company’s Investors Day earlier this week. The presentation seems to have gone well, judging by this brief WSJ article that notes that Abercrombie stock climbed over 8% on Tuesday, in part, it seems, based on the bullish projections made during the presentation. So there was some substance in between the eye-candy slides.

we’re not sure that cutting and pasting a bunch of shirtless guys into a PowerPoint is the best way to go about this. Even if it does cause the stock to climb 8% in one day.

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I can't believe Abercrombie can maintain legit backers with all of their controversy surrounding little kids clothes. I guess some people will do anything to make money.

by Jake on 1:37 PM. #