Walgreens Mobile refill scan gaining traction

by Deepak Sharma on Sunday, March 06, 2011

When something is as fun and easy as scanning a barcode and getting your medicines ordered, people will use it. Walgreens seems to be recognizing just that.

Walgreens: Mobile is key component of multichannel loyalty strategy

imageWalgreens is seeing much success in using mobile as a means of driving loyalty among its customers by providing choice, control and convenience via the channel.

In fact, Walgreens found that an astounding number of consumers are accessing its mobile application and more than half of prescription refills being done via mobile are being done through the scan feature. Additionally, the company said that the number of prescription text alert subscribers has surpassed one million.

“Mobile is a key component in our multichannel strategy, which is helping to create more loyal customers,” said Jim Cohn, spokesman for Walgreens, Deerfield, IL. “People want choice, control and convenience – and mobile is one of the channels through which we’re offering customers more reasons to come to us.

“We’ve gotten significant traction with our mobile applications, which really are like having a drugstore in the palm of your hands,” he said. “More people are using our refill scan technology because it adds another level of convenience and it’s time-saving technology our customers truly value.