Retail industry? India does not have one really

by Deepak Sharma on Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reality Check. Raises some very good questions on the nature of Retail Industry in India.

Retail industry? India does not have one really- Financial Times-Features-The Economic Times

Why should the customer go into a retail outlet and spend his hard earned money? Have our retail czars pondered over this problem? If the customer wants an air-conditioned environment then he can buy an air-conditioner and fix it at his house. Does he want all he would like to buy at one place? Is that the value of a shopping mall or large retail outlet? Well, for one thing, the builder of a mall or a retail outlet company can never guarantee that he will stock all the brands with him or even all the relevant brands with him. After leasing the building, it is the relationships that the mall or the retail outlet develops with various brands that determine the outcome of the outlet.