Point-of-Sale Advertising Goes High Tech

by Deepak Sharma on Sunday, October 05, 2008

Innovations in the Point of Sale Advertising.

Point-of-Sale Advertising Goes High Tech

POSAdvertising New in-store digital ads are using the latest technology to target messages to individual buyers, boosting sales and even helping to manage inventory.

When you order a morning coffee at a café owned by Israel-based Aroma Espresso Bars, an image of a croissant may suddenly appear on a digital display next to the cash register. Stop by for a sandwich or salad later in the day, and the display could flash a picture of a suggested beverage.

Aroma Espresso says sales of desserts and drinks featured on the screens have increased as much as 68% in outlets where it has installed the display systems, starting about a year ago. The company has about 100 cafés in Israel, the U.S., Canada, and Romania. Besides boosting sales, the system aids inventory control—for example, by encouraging customers to buy Danish sweet rolls when muffins are running low.

Welcome to the future of point-of-sale retailing. In-store digital ad displays have been around for a few years already. But stores and restaurants are now starting to use the technology for real-time promotions, instantly tailoring their sales pitches to match individual customers' selections or variations in product availability.


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