Who’s Who of Indian Retail have SAP Implementations

by Deepak Sharma on Friday, September 19, 2008

Reality Check. SAP is currently doing business with 60 growing Indian retail companies. It has all top retailers as its customers, names include Future group, Reliance Retail, Tata Trent, ITC Retail, Great Wholesale Retail Club, Vishal MegaMart, Welspun, Nilgiris Dairy Farm, Videocon, Spencers etc.

Retailing continues to gain momentum in India with the main focus being on growing customer experience and increasing retails footprints. A Springboard Research study on IT in India's retail sector confirms SAP's strong position in the Indian market, with 27% of study respondents identifying SAP as the leading primary influencer in terms of solutions investments.

"Technology is a high-priority investment area for most large and medium-sized Indian retailers, as they look to scale up their business operations in a competitive market," said Nilotpal Chakravarti, Senior Analyst - Vertical Markets at Springboard Research. "We have seen a strong momentum for investments in ERP and other back-office solutions and SAP has emerged as a leading player in this space," he concluded.


Its not suprising to hear so many companies have SAP implementations. As a partner of SAP we connect our optimization solutions at many of our clients with SAP's solutions. This creates oppertunities for us and our clients! We ourselves (ORTEC) have become also quite big in the Retail industry, I might add.

Recently we added Food Service Company Transgourmet, which is owned by Coop et Rewe, to our worldwide customer list. Transgourmet will use ORTEC's APS solution to schedule its fleet of 700 trucks to over 60.000 customers all over France. Other clients which use our Advanced Planning Solutions are e.g. Royal Ahold, Carrefour, Casino, Lidl, A.S. Watson, DIA, C&A and SPAR.

Maybe interesting to write about in your next Who's Who - of Retailers worldwide are using ORTEC's optimization solutions... :-D

by The Optimization Specialists on 6:55 AM. #

Is there any difference between great wholesale club and spencers??

by Abhishek Agarwal on 5:09 AM. #

Hi Abhishek,

Great wholesale club limited and Spencers are the same company. GWCL was the older name of Spencers Retail Ltd. I worked for Spencers in the SAP Retail implementaton.

Guess you are a Spencers employee


by prabhu on 2:55 AM. #

Hey Prabhu..

I know they both are same , but in this article they are mentioned as separate.. That's why just left a comment...

by Anonymous on 10:12 AM. #