India Retail Forum ‘08

by Deepak Sharma on Friday, September 19, 2008

While Shop.Org had their Annual Summit in US, some of the top Indian Retailers & professionals gathered in Mumbai for India Retail Forum (IRF) from 16th to 18th Sept.  A lot of good discussion, which you can read at the below URLs.

India Retail Forum’08 – Day 3 at a glance 19 Sept, 2008

Tier I and II cities to be the future retail destinations: Experts 18 Sept, 2008

Bata sees prospects in small towns: VP 18 Sept, 2008

Ritu Wear on expansion drive 18 Sept, 2008

Niche category retailers set to expand 18 Sept, 2008

Retailers, manufacturers not collaborating: D Shivakumar 18 Sept, 2008

Sacoor Bros exploring opportunities in India 18 Sept, 2008

Global retail design firms eying Indian market 18 Sept, 2008

Gilman's speak on supply chain management 18 Sept, 2008

IT solution providers get bullish 18 Sept, 2008

Supply chain management-the biggest challenge for retailers 17 Sept, 2008

Food Bazaar to retail fresh meat and fish in separate enclosure 17 Sept, 2008

MCC showcases Wellness as retail category at IRF 17 Sept, 2008

India Retail Report’09 set to be released 17 Sept, 2008

Round up of IRF 2008 – Day 1 and Day 2 17 Sept, 2008

Four P’s plaguing Indian retail: Gilman 17 Sept, 2008

Pantaloon buys 70 pc Aadhar stake, open 180 outlets within 18 months 16 Sept, 2008

Nair calls for partnership between retail, mall developers and civic authorities 16 Sept, 2008

Online retailing emerging in India: eBay India 16 Sept, 2008

The 40 pc challenge: Kamal Nath 16 Sept, 2008

Future eyes Rs 12,000 cr from private labels 16 Sept, 2008

Private labels are combating competition with the established players 16 Sept, 2008

World's best brains on retail to gather at IRF 16 Sept, 2008

Impressive line-up of speakers at IRF'08 16 Sept, 2008

Subhiksha head honcho is IRF’08 chair 16 Sept, 2008

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