Retailspeak - Retail Magazine from Microsoft

by Deepak Sharma on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just came across an Retail Magazine from Microsoft called Retaispeak. The magazine has some very good articles and provides a good view in what other retailers are up to when it comes to Retail Technology.

From restaurants to department stores, retailers face pressure to increase productivity, grow profits and justify every technology investment. Retailspeak, Microsoft’s customer publication for the retail industry, provides retail technology and business executives with a digest of the key challenges in the industry, and the technology solutions that can address them.
Featured topics range from store systems and managing the supply chain through to business intelligence and enterprise collaboration. Retailspeak also provides a round-up of industry news, case studies, commentary, interviews and analysis. In addition to our team of in-house journalists, experts from all areas of the industry provide their insight on the retail industry.
The magazine is published every quarter. Subscribe to Retailspeak to start receiving the definitive word on retail technology.

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