RFID based Smart Visual Merchandising

by Deepak Sharma on Saturday, February 09, 2008

Indian IT major Infosys Technologies has developed Smart Visual Merchandising (SVM) based on RFID tags.

Passive RFID tags (a small circuit on a paper) each costing about Rs 10 are laid inside shirt or trouser packs. When a potential customer selects a shirt and brings it near a LCD panel, it displays all features of the shirt be it colour name, striped /checked, size, along with other sizes available in the same colour and their prices.
The technology comes handy inside a trial room. A touch on a display unit inside the trial orders a bigger/ smaller size at the counter, and a helper can hand over the same, thus saving time for both customer as well as the retailer.

imageInfosys has a tie up with Magic Mirror which takes the whole thing to a new level.

When a customer brings an RFID tagged piece of clothing in front of the magicmirror, it displays content which could include an in depth description of the garment, size and colour availability, mix-and-match style guides, and suggested accessories. If installed in the fitting room, customers can also contact a salesperson by simply touching the magicmirror without the trouble of getting changed and leaving the fitting room.

magicmirror provides retailers with a means to reach customers on an 'emotional' level and positively influence purchase decisions at the moment of choice. Customers are becoming more discerning about the products and services they buy at retail outlets. Retailers and brands are addressing this shift with new product propositions: limited edition designs, ethical trade and special raw materials are as important as the product itself. The ‘intangible' proportion of a product is justifying an ever-larger part of the product price.

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