New Interesting Retail Blogs, Part 3

by Deepak Sharma on Sunday, January 27, 2008

I guess it's becoming a habit to search for interesting Retail blogs. Here's three more additions to the ones I have pointed out before here and here.

Nikki Baird's Retail Tech Stories - From Nikki's brand new blog - "As consumers adopt technology, one of the first places they bring it is to the shopping experience. How do retailers, traditionally tech laggards, adapt? These are my experiences and stories from the front lines of this shifting landscape."

Retail Detail with Margaret Brennan - Margaret is a reporter with CNBC and writes on consumer spending and the retail industry.

Reuters Shop Talk - From the blog - "Working the retail beat track - who’s buying what, how much they’re paying, which retailers seem to be getting it right and which are looking to clear the shelves with discounted clearance sales."



Although a new, and therefore relatively foetal blog, I'd like to point you in the direction of

SnapShop is run by a retail business consultancy, so we hope the blog will get a lot better in the next few weeks and start to carve out a defining personality, but for now we hope its worth keeping in mind as a possible contender for inclusion on such a post in the future!



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Thought I'd add mine to the list as a recent addition to the retail blogging arena...

It's primarily an informational rather than news blog, which focuses on multiple/cross channel retail, consumer and market trends, business innovation, and customer centricity. Hope you find it useful.



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