Indian Retail - RFID Offerings from HP

by Deepak Sharma on Saturday, December 22, 2007

The growth of Organized Retail sector in India is bringing new focus from global technology companies. Sometime back I had blogged about IBM's launch of customized Store Integration Framework (SIF) solution for Indian retailers. HP is now in the news for launching it's RFID offerings for Indian Retail.

Hewlett-Packard has launched radio frequency identification (RFID) products for the Indian retail market. Built on its internal RFID expertise (28 sites fully operational with RFID worldwide), HP has extended the RFID services to Indian customers as part of their TSG portfolio.
The new offerings designed specifically for the supply chain would assist retailers in reducing stock outages, asset shrinkage and enhancing supply chain visibility. Through RFID, retailers can experience improved supply chain efficiencies leading to greater accuracy of inventory tracking, faster through-put and reduced demands for labour-intensive stock checks.
RFID has matured in sophistication and is now increasingly used across a wide range of industries and applications as a critical technology tool to enhance business efficiency. RFID smart tags provide real-time data from the supply chain, into the stock room and out to the selling floor. Over the next few years, HP expects its usage to be even more pervasive as consumers increasingly recognise the value and convenience enabled by RFID, it will become a mainstream feature of tomorrow’s retail world.

I believe Indian Organized Retail Sector is a goldmine yet to be explored fully by global Retail Technology companies. We should be seeing more such news coming in the next few months.