Retail Weekly Roundup 1

by Deepak Sharma on Sunday, November 11, 2007

Starting this week I have started publishing Weekly Roundup posts. In this post I will try and put together all the interesting posts, news articles, research articles that I come across during the week.

1. Are Retail Stocks Bargains?

"A NUMBER OF VALUATION METRICS are signaling that retail shares are attractive. Multi-line retailers in the S&P 1500 sport P/Es based on future earnings that are 0.9 times the broader index's, notes Brian Rauscher, director of portfolio strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman. After the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, retailers sold off until their multiples were 0.7 times that of the broader index. Typically, they have peaked when multiples reach 1.2 times that of the S&P 1500 . . .

[Bill Nygren] believes that the shares are more attractive than other stocks, including many in the materials and technology sectors, whose still-lofty prices reflect little risk that the economy will stop growing. Retail stocks would outperform in a recession, he maintains, and could rally strongly if the economy keeps growing."

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2. Alternative Payment Options may mean more conversions

Investigating some of the latest alternative payment options and integrating them in to your site can help entice that segment of online shoppers not comfortable with traditional methods to make the plunge. The good news is that analysts say the market is maturing to the point where employing alternative payment methods is far simpler to do than it was a few years ago, and is a relatively easy way to boost conversion rates.

3. Wireless Trends in Retail

Article showcasing Trends in usage of Wireless technologies by Retailers

4. Retailers/Suppliers going green (or atleast trying to) [Via NRF]

Target Will Reduce PVC Use

Kohl's to pursue 'green' certifications for stores

For Suppliers, the Pressure Is On