More. No More for me

by Deepak Sharma on Monday, July 09, 2007

This weekend I with my wife went to the newly opened More. store in my neighborhood (in Pune). More. is a new chain of stores by Aditya Birla Retail Limited. We completed our shopping in 15 minutes and had to stand in the checkout line for close to 50 minutes. More. so when the line had only 10 people in all. Clearly "More." here meant, "More. time". We were not the only one who got frustrated here, everybody else was too. People started getting jittery and then one lady went to the counter and gave the guys there a mouthful. But alas, nothing moved. Checkout counter guys continued in their own sluggish way.

The store is poorly laid out in a space of I guess 2500 - 3000 sq ft. It was quite congested, two people can hardly squeeze in between the aisles. The AC was not working (or is it in line with no ac, no frills KB's Fair Value Stores??). To make matters worse it had only two checkout counters. The store designers have overlooked the new found Indian taste of shopping in Retail store chains and did not anticipate the number of customers.

More. is "no more." for me.