Ralph Lauren debuts 'window shopping' touch screen

by Deepak Sharma on Sunday, June 24, 2007

USA Today is reporting the launch of 24-hour "window shopping" touch screen by Ralph Lauren has at its Polo Ralph Lauren store in London, allowing customers to shop without ever actually entering the store. Consumers can touch a virtual model wearing a specific outfit, then be guided through electronic touch-sensory technology to a page that adds the product to a digital shopping cart. Shoppers are contacted by e-mail or phone the next day to securely enter their payment information and arrange for shipping.


Can someone pls. tell me what company Ralph Lauren is using for this, pls.?


by leslie on 6:12 AM. #

Just have a look at www.cityscape.nl

They combined their VirtualShop technique already with Touch screen technology.

by Anonymous on 10:39 PM. #

My company which started out putting this type of tech in SUV's has recently leaped into this market, hense me stumbling onto this during research. THanks to the blogger for posting this, this will be a great reference for our sales pitch.

The film is like ours zero-vision, its a holo film with a projector. It comes in 3 forms, Dark hi contrast, semi opaque white, and transparent. Where you can see whats behind the display and it appears to float. The actual touch tech could be anything from SAW surface acoustic wave, to IR beams across the glass.

dj.frostx @ yahoo .com

by Zero-vision (Michael) on 10:51 AM. #

Excellent marketing scheme to sell your product...it will work and moreover because there is no language barrier it is going to be more effective.

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