Push for Biometric Payment

by Deepak Sharma on Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Convenience Store News reports:

Pay By Touch and NCR Corp. are combining their hardware and software solutions to offer retailers a single point of contact for supporting their entire merchant and consumer biometric needs.

"Consumer demands for convenience are growing at an unprecedented pace, and retailers of all sizes need a fast, simple and secure solution that provides the ultimate customer service," said Stephen Reade, senior vice president of product of Pay By Touch. "Our alliance with NCR addresses these needs with a fully integrated solution that improves the checkout experience -- and merchants’ top and bottom lines -- while also positioning our services for expansion into other vertical markets."

Using NCR’s biometric-enabled point-of-sale solutions, retailers can use the Pay By Touch authentication and payment service, providing shoppers a convenient and secure way to pay for goods with the touch of a finger.


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by Puneet on 6:18 AM. #

In spite of so much spam here, I'd like to say that this is a great invention, probably it will help us protect our identities when purchasing, as everyone wants to steal them - from waitresses to our relatives.

by CreditProtector on 12:32 AM. #

I think it's a good invention. Hope it will prevent identity theft and secure consumers.

by Karen on 2:25 AM. #